Query history

To activate or de-activate the Query history please select or deselect the box under the Settings tab. Once you have activated it, each query you make is kept in the Query history. You can choose from the dropdown menu if you would like to save 10, 25 or 50 queries (the current maximum). The query history is saved unless you de-activate it or delete your cookies, which will enable you to repeat your query regularly.

To remove a query from the list, tick the box next to the query you want to remove and click Remove selected. To delete the full list, click Select all and then Remove selected.

You can export the complete list in one go to another application as a CSV or XLS file. Simply click on Export in the toolbar. Remember to back up your list regularly using the XLS export function.

If you select the compact view format the keywords you used are displayed as a link. By clicking on this link you will be brought back to the last search mask used where the keywords you entered are kept.

In the extended view format you can see for each query the keywords used and the number of results which were found on a specific date in the database used.

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