"Also published as" documents

A single invention can be the subject of a patent application in many different countries. In Espacenet, these related applications are known as corresponding documents (or "equivalents") and you will find them under the Also published as heading.

Also published as documents all have exactly the same priority. Selecting any one of them will give you access to a facsimile, allowing you to read the document in another language (where available), in the knowledge that the content is very similar, if not identical, to that of the document you retrieved in your search.

Family members are automatically allocated the CPC symbol of the document which was first classified in CPC. However, if the content of a family member differs from the original document, the examiner can also allocate a different CPC symbol. This will then build a family of its own together with all documents having identical priorities.

Note (1): Corresponding documents with no facsimile available are also listed.

Note (2): Click on more to see all documents available under Also published as.

Note (3): The EPO relies on data delivery from more than 90 patent-granting authorities and cannot guarantee that the data on Espacenet is complete.

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