The following search limitations apply in Espacenet:

  • Maximum of ten search terms per field.
  • Maximum of 20 search terms and 19 operators per mask.
  • Left truncation not supported.
  • Slashes can only be used for date entries and CPC /IPC symbol entries.
  • Applicant /inventor names are not searchable in documents published in other character sets (Cyrillic, Greek, Japanese etc.).
  • Diacritical characters (umlauts and accents) and slashes are not allowed when searching in the worldwide database.
  • Stop words - common words such as FOR, WITH, THE, BUT, AND, OF, ANY, etc. - are not searchable as they would otherwise produce too many results.
  • You cannot retrieve an XP document with the name of the author or limit a search to XP documents only.
  • Some documents cannot be found using keywords as they do not have translated titles.

The following limitations apply to results in Espacenet:

  • Maximum of 100 000 results per query but only the first 500 matching documents are listed.
  • EP and WO documents with up to 500 pages can be downloaded in a single operation.
  • Other patent documents with up to 250 pages can be downloaded in a single operation.
  • Maximum of 100 documents stored in My patents list for one year.
  • You can save a maximum of 50 queries in the query history .
  • The download function in My patents list only works if the number of pages does not exceed 500 pages.
  • The sort function is only available when the result list contains fewer than 500 hits.
  • Lists can be only exported page by page (in other words, 30 documents in compact mode, 15 in extended mode.
  • No statistical analysis possible. See the annual report and at the following page .